Sally Smith, Artist


"As an artist, I was so wrapped up in creating images that I overlooked the importance of my own photo. One hour with Nikki set me straight.  I realized that my portrait should reflect the same depth and joy that I find in my painting.  Now I have several fabulous photos of myself [working] in my studio.  After seeing these photos, I cannot imagine my website and marketing material without them!"

Sally K. Smith grew up in Alpine, Utah where she spent a lot of time looking at mountains and sagebrush.  Sally received her B.A. in music and human biology from Stanford University where she was a concert pianist.  She subsequently earned a law degree and practiced corporate law before becoming a full time oil painter.  Sally studied drawing and oil painting at the Cambridge Center Studio School in Massachusetts from 1998-2001, and printmaking at City College of San Francisco from 2001-2002.  Smith's work can be found in art collections worldwide.